Nonchalant Garage

I spend an embarrassing amount of time on youtube. I use it as a place to learn, entertain myself, and find inspiration. One day I stumbled upon Nonchalant Garage and I was quite pleased. The videos are an awesome mix of DIY, gear and other bike nerdery. Check It out!

Tenkara Rod Co. // Sawtooth

Fly fishing is my preferred way to spend time when I'm not participating in some other form elective suffering. This spring I've found myself reaching for the Tenkara Rod Co. Sawtooth. Tenkara is a simplified form of fly fishing that utilizes only a line, fly and rod. Due to its simplicity it puts a real emphasis on presentation and finding fish holding spots. During the late winter/early spring when fish aren't necessarily the easiest thing to trick into eating feathers and metal I think its a great time to really dial in your presentation and get back to basics.

Every Tool's a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It // Adam Savage

Image courtesy of Amazon

This book has been around for a minute but, I recently picked it up for the first time and I absolutely loved it! Its a nice mix of memoir, maker advice, and philosophy that comes together to create a book that everyone will get at least something out of!

Cuban Sandwichs

image courtesy of Serious Eats

The Cuban sandwich has a very hotly debated origin story however one thing is not debated. This sandwich hits the spot for me for and I've really been enjoying them recently. Eat one, they're pretty good.


I've started using FATMAP for visualizing different lines and routes. I love to use a whole host of different mapping programs from Ride with GPS, Strava, and Gaia GPS. However, I've been enjoying this and maybe you should check it out too.

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Do you use any particular program to plan your trips or what hot sandwiches to eat?