With the holidays staring us down and the beginning of winter solidly in place in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere I thought this would be a good time to post a handful of things that I've been using and that I'm planning on using to get through the next few weeks.


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Rattlesnake Cheese

At first, I was intrigued by the branding that graced the front of the marbled cheddar while at the grocery store but, as soon as I tasted it was love at first bite. This tequila and habanero cheddar ramps up in terms of intensity but doesn't dominate your mouth. The perfect antidote to a sugar-filled holiday party.

Ultimate Direction Utility Belt

"Be more like Anton" is a motto for me as of late due to his multi-sport missions that make the mere mortal drool. Get glimpses of over at his feed. However, he is seen here rocking one of my new favorites. The utility belt from UD is perfect for your phone, a wind shirt, a few gels, some water, a thin pair of gloves, and your poles. It's been my-go to for sub-hour and a half runs, hill repeats or to carry ALL the snacks on bigger days.

Grapes on Pizza

This isn't for everyone but if you can tolerate pineapple on pizza then grapes could be the next level in your sweet and savory journey. I went through a brief phase of goat cheese, grape, caramelized onions, and balsamic flatbread pizzas. I have no regrets, try it if you dare.

T1 Western by 700 Feel

Heard it first on @jambi_jambi's Instagram story then this album has become my go-to for early morning drives or productivity sessions. I hope more is coming soon!

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What kind of cheese is your holiday go-to? Are grapes the future of pizza?