Frequently asked questions

What is the fast and light project?

The Fast and Light Project was created in an effort to share thoughts about outdoor equipment that makes unique experiences possible. Often the story is what many chase while fishing, climbing, running, riding or however you like to play outside.

Can I write for Fast and Light?

Maybe! Shoot us an email  with a sample of your writing and your ideas!

Shoot us an email here!

I'm a company and I want you to review my product(s)?

We would love to review your product as long as it fits into our ethos and it is genuinely something we would find ourselves using while out and about. We aren't a pay-to-play operation, we express our thoughts openly and honestly.

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Can I collaborate with Fast and Light?

We don't bite! We love to work with other platforms, creators, athletes, companies and more! Email us!

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Do you folks do any product testing and/or development?

Certainly! Email us

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Still have questions? email us at the.fast.and.light.project@gmail.com