Fast and Light is a project developed to provide insight on gear we use, stories we find interesting and Anything else we think needs to grace the internet

this is Fast and Light.

The Fast and Light Project was created in an effort to share thoughts about outdoor equipment that makes unique experiences possible. Often the story is what many chase while fishing, climbing, running, riding or however you like to play outside.

"Fast and Light" comes from a style that many use to chase the hardest mountain objectives. Sometimes referred to as "alpine-style" in mountaineering, at the time it was a radical departure from what was the norm was before the 1970's where climbers would often bring a massive amount of equipment and tackle climbs over multiple days and would slowly move their camp up the route. "Alpine-Style" mountaineering described the method of moving fast and carrying only what is necessary to complete the climb typically done in one long push relying more on the knowledge of climbing techniques, the route and conditions. This aesthetic has evolved beyond mountaineering to many different sports. Bringing less, pushing harder allowed for a complete disruption in the ways objectives were tackled.

"It's a simple equation, less equipment + more knowledge = higher chance of success"

This aesthetic of chasing goals can be applied to a lot more than simply mountaineering. This is where the Fast and Light Project comes in, we research, test and report our findings so you can make informed decisions about equipment and make sure you have the right tool for the job. The other major component comes in the form of having knowledge to keep yourself safe while pushing the limit. We will share our experiences from time to time of what we did and maybe you can learn from that as well.

All in all, we hope to make this a resource for everyone! Please feel free to give us feedback through our contact form as well if you are interested in becoming a contributor.

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